Monday, 31 May 2010

Too Hot = Too Low

Glorious sunshine today!! Had a lovely day out with family and dogs...tested sugars and counted carbs throughout the day and nothing higher than 11.0 and nothing lower than 7,9. Ate my evening meal then 2 hours later disaster struck......HYPO (Hypoglycemia). Sugar level had gone down to 3.8 (although I would have guessed it was much lower from the way I felt). I was sweating, shaking, feeling weak, had blurred vision, was struggling to speak properly and was overcome by this intense craving for food and wanting to eat anything and everything in sight!!!! When this hunger hits theres nothing you can do to resist it and now I'm paying the price....stomach ache, feeling sick and way too high blood sugar levels!!!!! So although I LOVE this gorgeous weather I do also have to curse the high temperatures for contributing to my low blood sugars!!!!
"In very hot weather insulin is absorbed more quickly from the injection site, so to avoid hypos you may need to monitor your blood glucose more frequently and adjust your diet or insulin dosage." (

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