Monday, 31 May 2010

Late Night Hyper Support

31.05.10 - After yesterday's blood sugar success I guess I should have known it was too good to be true!!! A slightly negative view I know but positivity is not always in abundance where diabetes is concerned. I went to bed on 9.4 and low and behold I woke up at around 3.00 a.m. with stomach pains, nausea and a headache...all classic signs of a high blood sugar level (hyperglycemia). Test result = 21.6....gutted!!!
I decided to inject some extra insulin which was total guess work as I am yet to learn how to work out correction doses. When I first saw the dietician at the end of April about starting to learn to carb count she told me not to worry about correction doses for now!!!! So I guessed at an extra 8 units of Apidra and hoped for the best (BS was 13.3 when I got up this morning). Apart from feeling generally rubbish with blood sugars this high, it was also 3 o' clock in the morning which is not the best time to be wide awake!!!!
On a positive note, as I was in full hyper-mode and wide awake, I decided to log onto Facebook....once there I saw the status update of someone I have met through my recent blog reading saying that he was also wide awake but suffering with low sugars rather than high....the conversation that followed was really helpful in getting through the hyper. It was really good to be able to talk to someone who knew exactly what I was talking once again I would like to express my appreciation for the new online community that I have discovered......if only I'd found it sooner!!!!!


  1. I totally agree with the 'community' comment and I suppose I have found it relatively soon as my son was diagnosed with Type 1 almost 2 years ago. It has been a great source of help and comfort knowing there are other people out there in the same boat to turn to with experiences to share. Living with a teenager with Type 1 is proving to be a challenge as I constantly worry about how he is is dealing with it and he seems to do his best to ignore his condition! I shall read your blog with great interest and, no doubt, learn loads along the way... Sarah xx

  2. Bec.... fantastic blog.... hope yours helps you as much as mine has helped me..;) xxxx

  3. Thanks for reading!!!
    Sarah - I ignored my condition for more or less 19 years. I now have proliferative retinopathy which I have had to have several extensive laser treatments for, I get pains in my legs at night, I constantly have colds and sinus infections, I have suffered with depression on and off for a number of years (which I am told is linked to my diabetes and poor control), take medication for high cholesterol and have recently been getting chest and arm pains (which I'm going to get checked out as Im concerned about cardiovascular disease). If I have one piece of advice it would be to tell your son from me that ignoring it is not the way to go. I'm not trying to scare anyone but if I could go back and do it all again I would pay HUGE attention to my diabetes. It so so easy as a teenager to pretend you havent got diabetes because you cant see any complications and think that if you do get any of them its so far away that it doesnt matter and tend to think "It'll never happen to me...." but it can happen and as I have found out, it does happen. If your son wants to message me he can..... x


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