Monday, 31 May 2010

Carb Counting Frustrations

Had a lovely day enjoying the sunshine today (lets hope the summer is finally here and doesn't only last a week!!)
Had everything I cold diet coke, my sunglasses and a good book....and all the usual diabetes related paraphenalia of course - glucose tablets, cereal bars, injection, blood testing meter, carb counting books, food diary!!!!
Had a BBQ in the evening at my Mom's. I was really looking forward to some yummy food but then came the bit where I had to count the carbohydrates in what I was about to eat.....I'm not sure if it's because I'm fairly new to carb counting or what but I found it really difficult to work out what I was going to eat. What if I work out my insulin ratio according to the carbs I intend to eat and then don't eat as much as I thought I was going to???!!!! Then I will have taken too much insulin and could have a hypo.....I must admit I also got a bit frustrated to say the least when everyone else started to tuck into their food and I was sitting there consulting my carbs book and trying to look at everything that was on the table/BBQ and decide what I was going to eat, needless to say my food got cold which made me even more frustrated with the whole thing. I'm sure I will get used to it in time but for now, I'm struggling with this new way of doing things!!!!

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