Monday, 31 May 2010

In Pursuit of Perfection

You have no idea how good it feels to have an entire day of good blood sugars (unless you are a fellow type 1 of course, in which case you will know exactly what I mean).
Woke up this morning with a 7.1 which is great (I'm usually well into the teens first thing in the morning, if not higher)but as previous experience shows, on the rare occasion that I do get a good reading before breakfast, it wouldn't necesarily stay this way, so off I went on today's 'pursuit for perfection' .
Had my 2 weetabix with 100ml milk (25g carbohydrate) and did my current ratio of 2.5 units to 10g carbs.
Two hours later and I was at 8.7 and a further 2 hours later 7.0!!!! I could have wept with shock and happiness!!! 7.0 mmol/l (or 126 mg/dL) is virtually unheard of for me and usually even if I've been at 7.0 or around that mark before breakfast, it doesn't always stay that way.
Two slices of toast, a bag of crisps and a muller light yogurt for lunch (63g carbs), two hours later = 8.2 and another two hours later and I'm still at 8.2.
Let's hope that I got my insulin to carbs ratio spot on for my dinner and that I can end the day the way I started it......on a high (mentally) but on a low (blood sugar-wise)

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