Monday, 31 May 2010


Today I have felt really positive and determined. This is mainly due to the new found support I have come across on the many blogs, forums and Facebook groups I have recently been looking at, I never realised all these blogs and groups even existed - but then again I've never been interested enough in my condition to go out there and look for them. It's fantastic to know that there are so many people going through the exact same trials and tribulations that I am.
After all these years with diabetes I am finally facing up to my condition and the fact that theres so much help and support out there is so encouraging.
I'm going to be going along to the first meeting of the Midlands Young Diabetics (MyD) group in Birmingham on 29th June which will be really interesting and I can't wait to meet up with some people who know exactly what it's like to deal with the big D on a day to day basis.
My sugars have been great all day today which I am really pleased about. I started the day in a positive frame of mind and maybe that helped to keep me on an even keel....who knows, but I'm going to bear that in mind and maybe a bit of positive thinking can go a long way!!!! I know it's only one day but that's how I think you have to deal with day at a time.

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