Monday, 23 May 2011

The 20 Year Anniversary Posts - 20 Emotions Involved / Things I feel about Diabetes

Today's list of 20 is about the huge range of emotions and feelings I have or have had towards Diabetes and the various challenges of living with the condition.....

I'm sure pretty much everyone with Diabetes and/or parents of children with Diabetes has felt or thought these things about Diabetes regularly since their (or their loved ones') diagnosis.

I don't think they need any explanation, they speak for themselves and if you have Diabetes / have a loved one with Diabetes you will know what I'm talking about and that you can feel these for lots of reasons and in lots of different situations, not just at diagnosis.....

1.  Anger 

 2.  Tired

3.  Fear

4.  Hope

5.  Confusion

6.  Frustration

7.  Sadness

8.  Depression

9.  Elation

10. Disappointment

11.  Different

12.  Loneliness 

13.  Helpless
14.  Denial

15.  Grateful

16.  Guilt

17.  Regret

18.  Lucky

19.  Defeated
20.  Overwhelmed

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