Thursday, 29 July 2010

Pump Practice!!!!

Just a short post today....but sometimes less is more!!!!! ;o)

The picture is me "modelling" the 'Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Veo' insulin pump. I am having a "play" with it over the weekend and will be getting my own on the 9TH AUGUST!!!!!!! 11 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty much all I can say about it for now is "AAAAGGGHHHHHHH" because I AM SO EXCITED & HAPPY.  I was really quite nervous before my appointment today in terms of there being a hell of a lot to take in but I think that part of it is going to be on the start day when I get the full training.  Today was more just about putting an infusion set in and then I can have a play with all the menus and features on the pump over the weekend.  I was pretty nervous about doing the first set insert but I had one go at doing one without it being attached to the pump, while I was still at the hospital then I did it all, including filling the reservoir with saline and priming the tubing etc. without having been shown how to do it by the DSN, on my own when I got home so I'm pretty pleased with how easily I managed to do it all especially as the DSN hadn't shown me how to do those parts of it at the appointment.  The set insert was nothing to worry about, I hardly felt it go in and now as I'm sitting here typing away, I can't feel it at all.....

So far, I love it...I've got to spend the... weekend having a look at all the menus and features then my DSN is going to get my own pink one ordered for me on Monday!!!!!

Oh, and some more great news last HbA1c was 11.6 (in March) and today I found out it has come down to 8.8 so I'm really pleased and also pleasantly surprised as I had expected it to have come down but not by that much!!!! All the hard work and carb counting is certainly paying off!!!!

Obviously the hard work with the pump is really going to begin on the start day but I'm more than ready for it and can't wait to get started for real.....

Off to have a lie down now so I can recover from all the excitement....(God knows what I'm going to be like on 9th August)

P.S. I am of course going to have to give my new pink pump a name so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.....  :o)

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