Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Diabetes Week

This week (13th to 19th June) is Diabetes Week 2010 which is an annual awareness and fundraising week.  This year Diabetes UK is using Diabetes Week as a way of trying to dispel the myths that surround diabetes and also to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the myths that they are trying to dispel are: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is mild diabetes
If you have diabetes you can't drive
People with diabetes can't play sport

In support of the healthy lifestyle aspect of Diabetes Week Diabetes UK have launched a keepy uppy competition to find the most unusual location you can do a series of keepy uppies.

Many people around the country are doing fantastic things, taking part in challenges and holding events to celebrate Diabetes Week.  I am doing a Diabetes UK sponsored walk in September called "Walk the Extra Mile" and I have raised over £100 so far....plenty of time left for people to sponsor us.  Please visit the following link if you would like to sponsor me...Thank you:

There are lots of other "Walk the Extra Mile" events going on during Diabetes Week and also throughout the rest of the year all around the country.

I have put up some posters at work to advertise Diabetes Week and have also had some information put onto works intranet which tells people a few of the basics about Diabetes Week, what type 1 diabetes is and also about my sponsored walk.  Through doing this I have already found out that a colleague has recently started using an insulin pump.  She emailed me and has offered to talk to me and answer any questions I may have on pumps......this, along with me finding so may new friends in the diabetic community recently, just goes to show that us diabetics, and parents of children with diabetes, are a bloomin' friendly bunch!!!!  :o)

Some of the other events and challenges that I know of are:

Lee and Claudia's Don't Suffer In Silence Challenge
Lee and Claudia are both type 1 diabetics and their challenge is to go from Sandbanks to Southbourne, near Bournemouth (Claudia on her bike and Lee in his wheelchair) on Saturday 19th June.  They both want to raise awareness and m oney by completing their challenge.  If you want to sponsor them and help them get to their target of £1000 (they are almost there now) then visit the link below

Roxie Walks 10km
Both Roxie and her son have type 1 diabetes and she hopes to raise awareness by walking 10km from Sandbanks to Southbourne.  Visit the link to find out more and donate:

There are loads of events going on around the country including walking, swimming and zip-sliding challenges. 
Portrait Exhibition
Diabetes UK is working with professional and ex-Times staff photographer James Clarke to produce a photography exhibition which portrays people with diabetes, of all ages, in their own environment. The project is made up of twenty portraits and each is accompanied by a brief biography of the subject which describes their experience of living with diabetes.  The exhibtion is on from 11th June until 20th June at the VAAD Gallery in Mayfair, London.
Coast to Coast Walk
Diabetes UK Chief Executive Douglas Smallwood is raising awareness of their Get Serious campaign, and aiming to raise £5,250 by doing the 192-mile Coast to Coast walk with his son, Jimmy - the money raised will be used to send 15 nurses on an insulin pump training course to support children with diabetes in the UK.

As you can see, a lot of wonderful people care a huge amount about raising awareness of diabetes, its complications and what it is like to live with it on a daily basis.  That is one of the things I have loved finding out from the diabetic online community that I have recently become a part of.....that people are SO VERY passionate about doing whatever they can, big or small, to increase general understanding and awareness.  

Of course the money raised is also fantastic and essential in enabling leading charities to carry on vital research but if I can help just one person to better understand what diabetes is and the seriousness of the condition then I will feel I have done my bit for Diabetes Week 2010!!!!!
Again, if you would like to sponsor me please visit my challenge page:


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