Thursday, 27 January 2011

Happy HbA1c

It's a very brief post for my first one in about 2 months but I need to work myself back into blogging nice and slowly!!!  :o)

Went to the insulin pump clinic today and had my HbA1c done.....Was expecting a slight rise since my last one in November which was 8.3% but I was in for a pleasant surprise when the machine beeped and it said...... 7.8%.

I cant remember ever having a result that good!!!! Last April, when I started on my insulin pump journey, my HbA1c was 11.6% so I've made quite a lot of progress since then.

My DSN was really pleased too, so much so that she asked me if I wanted to take a photo of the result!!!! ha ha!!!!

Next time I'm aiming for below 7.0%

Wooooo hooooo!!!!! I'm SO pleased that the hard work is paying off!!!


  1. well done Bec..... u are doin FANTASTIC!!!! Lol Ange xxx

  2. Thanks Angie!!! We all know how hard we all work to get those numbers right so its a real good feeling when you know u are doing something right!!! xxx


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